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Thursday, June 9, 2011


There's no turning back now, the garden is bursting with great color, and texture, and I AM LOVING IT!  Every morning I run up to the garden to see what suprises I get, what little guy opened up to say "hi", or which plants are getting close to opening to show off their stuff.  I just am tickled about the whole process, and it NEVER gets boring, EVER. 

We are coming into a great bouquet season, and just want everyone to be reminded that my bouquets are FRESH, LOCAL, and grown chemical-free, AND they are available ANY time.  Very reasonably priced and I will deliver with-in 30 miles of my home for $5.  I have upgraded the size of the bouquets this year and most bouquets start at $10-$12.  I would love to decorate your table for your special occasion with wonderful centerpieces that should last a week, sometimes more.  Please send me a message at or a message through facebook will work, or call/text me at 563-529-5809.  Thanks again for your support and I look forward to serving your flower needs!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hot Cold Hot Cold

Hello folks!  As I sit here and eat my bag full of Jelly Belly jelly beans, I look outside and wonder why it's only 45 degrees and yesterday we had an 83 degree day.  Do you think our plants are as confused as we are, or I am?  It's April 4th and still we are so up and down with our weather patterns.  Is there really such a thing as "Spring".  I think it would be nice to just go from the 30's to the 40's, then 50's and so on. 

I think I've eaten about 100 jelly beans as of now.

Anyway, my body is really wanting to get out there, put my toes and hands in the earth, the WARM earth, and get going with this years planting season.  Although, I have played in the dirt plenty already this year.  So, when you see Mother Nature, tell her I said to warm it up!!!!  I need to stop eating these damn candies, but I do love em'!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Some think that when they hear the word "garden" it means "MAY" or Mother's Day.  WRONG...we live in a great growing zone, which is 5, and we can begin planting as early as February.  YES, I said February!  I will be getting out there today, and all of this week, getting things like, peas, carrots, lettuce, garlic, turnips, and more in the ground!  Some veggies LIKE it when it gets cold!  Do some checking, get to the store nad go get dirty!  February until late October isn't to shabby in my book, and in the months when it FROZEN, force some bulbs, buy an Amaryllis, or Paperwhites for some color in the home.  It's here, Spring that is!!!  If you haven't ever planted a garden, containers work well, and are easliy moved if the sun isn't available all day.  Till up a small spot in the yard, plant some flowers around it and throw in some seeds of your favorite veggie, gardening is on the up and up, join the crowd and GET DIRTY!

Here's an informative link to follow!

Friday, February 25, 2011

The countdown!

Yes we are REALLY close to Spring, well that crazy little groundhog told us we were. 
Was he right this year?
23 days is NOTHING! 
 I am getting so excited, and I can't remember a time that I have anticipated Spring as much as I do this year!
I can admit that I have forgotten all the little guys that went into the ground this Fall, and the surprises are going to be overwhelming.  I am guessing that I planted over 200 different perennials, 500+ iris', 20+ daylily varieites, 2000+ Daffodils and Tulips, I am so excited to watch them grow, and to be able to offer you all the beautiful flowers that they bring.  But, lets not forget the Spring plants that have been ordered and will be shipped this year.
I am excited to offer Fall Gold Raspberries, hopefully this year.  I have purchased 75 plants that will be arriving this Spring too.  I have black Raspberries, Mulberries, and Blackberries as well.
This year is going to be GREAT!!!
Come check out my booth at the Freight House Farmers Market, where I will be offering a variety of different gardening favorites!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Is time standing still?

    Every night the darkness is getting later and later, but it still feels like we aren't getting anywhere!  We were spoiled late into the Fall this year, and then that was suddenly stolen from us.  Its been bitterly cold ever since.  We got a taste of Spring a few weeks ago, with temperatures in the upper 50's.  But like a flash, it was gone, and we are are in this rut we call midwest Winter. 
    Every year I wonder to myself why I live in this part of the world, but I am convinced why every Spring when the outdoors come to life, and show us "why".  I guess I can say it's worth the wait, but boy how the "wait" seems longer and longer every year.  Every year my anticipation grows because of the new things I "hide" under the ground!  This year is especially exciting, many hidden treasures will be unearthed as they grow into beautiful specimens for me, and you to enjoy!!! 
    Remember to try and make a trip out to see my little projects in actions, and suggest new things for me to conquer.  I LOVE a challenge.  Hopefully, a new Koi pond will be going in this year, loaded with fish and many water plants.  FYI...I am smiling right now just thinking about it!  Thanks for reading this, I sometimes like to ramble a bit.

Friday, December 17, 2010


      As the bitter wind blows against my already cracked hands, I feel like time is standing still, ans Spring will never arrive.  With every passing day, I know that the time will come when I will peer outside and see the grass turning from brown to green, I will see Daffodils poking through testing the air themselves, and our Spring will be once again in full swing! 
      It always seems like forever while we wait for Spring to arrive, the Winter Blues makes us chubby and unmotivated, and we are pale, and feeling unattractive.  We haven't felt the warm sun on our skin in months.
      I sometimes find myself sitting in the middle of my greenhouse in 5 degree weather on a sunny day where it's 60+ degrees, wishing it were Spring, it helps with the blues!! 
      In about a month I will be starting the first set of seeds for my big 2011 Spring Farmer's Market blast at the Freight House in Davenport, IA Saturday mornings.  By doing this in January it starts my Spring planting, extending my hobby from a standard 5 month growing season to an almost 10 month ordeal. 
      So, sit back and enjoy this Fourth season, it won't be long now!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


  What is knowledge? says its "acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition".  But isn't it more? 

   There are some very knowledgeable people out there due to the years of schooling they have finished.  But isn't knowledge more?

    Many people have had life experiences which knowone else can never duplicate, and that makes them knowledgeable too.  But isn't it more?

    No one will ever be "full of knowledge" like they may think.  You can never be done learning.

    With every passing year, I am learning more, and more about horticulture, although I have never officially gotten a degree, I feel that I am knowledgeable enough to pass on what I do know to others, and with my passion, I will never quit learning, or think I have learned it all, because that is silly.  I am open to suggestions, and love hearing your personal stories, and experiences!  Sharing is a great way to build your knowledge base, and a great way to make friends!   I look forward in growing my business with you socially, emotionally, and financially.