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Monday, March 14, 2011


Some think that when they hear the word "garden" it means "MAY" or Mother's Day.  WRONG...we live in a great growing zone, which is 5, and we can begin planting as early as February.  YES, I said February!  I will be getting out there today, and all of this week, getting things like, peas, carrots, lettuce, garlic, turnips, and more in the ground!  Some veggies LIKE it when it gets cold!  Do some checking, get to the store nad go get dirty!  February until late October isn't to shabby in my book, and in the months when it FROZEN, force some bulbs, buy an Amaryllis, or Paperwhites for some color in the home.  It's here, Spring that is!!!  If you haven't ever planted a garden, containers work well, and are easliy moved if the sun isn't available all day.  Till up a small spot in the yard, plant some flowers around it and throw in some seeds of your favorite veggie, gardening is on the up and up, join the crowd and GET DIRTY!

Here's an informative link to follow!