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Friday, December 17, 2010


      As the bitter wind blows against my already cracked hands, I feel like time is standing still, ans Spring will never arrive.  With every passing day, I know that the time will come when I will peer outside and see the grass turning from brown to green, I will see Daffodils poking through testing the air themselves, and our Spring will be once again in full swing! 
      It always seems like forever while we wait for Spring to arrive, the Winter Blues makes us chubby and unmotivated, and we are pale, and feeling unattractive.  We haven't felt the warm sun on our skin in months.
      I sometimes find myself sitting in the middle of my greenhouse in 5 degree weather on a sunny day where it's 60+ degrees, wishing it were Spring, it helps with the blues!! 
      In about a month I will be starting the first set of seeds for my big 2011 Spring Farmer's Market blast at the Freight House in Davenport, IA Saturday mornings.  By doing this in January it starts my Spring planting, extending my hobby from a standard 5 month growing season to an almost 10 month ordeal. 
      So, sit back and enjoy this Fourth season, it won't be long now!